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Win more customers with emails triggered by customer behavior on your site and powered by AdRoll’s retargeting platform. Already an AdRoll customer? You’ll be sending emails in no time.

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How It Works

A shopper browses your site and leaves without making a purchase.

SendRoll triggers a personalized email based on products viewed, cart abandonment, etc.

Your SendRoll email drives them back to your website encouraging them to complete a purchase.

Product Recommendations

With Product Recommendations, SendRoll intelligently curates suggestions based on previously viewed products, as well as those matching their specific interests.

Emails with product recommendations can see up to a 2.5x click-through rate increase and 50% lower cost per acquisition compared to static retargeting.*

*Based on AdRoll Retargeting users who adopt Dynamic Creative


Full-funnel optimization

Extend the intelligence of your campaigns to inboxes. With SendRoll added to AdRoll, you can attract more prospects, convert them into customers, and grow their value.


Supercharge the performance of your existing email service provider by adding on SendRoll. Early adopters have seen a 50-60% email open rate and 10-20% click-through rate.

Set up in minutes

Launch campaigns quickly, with automatic integrations and no coding work.

What Our Customers say

“SendRoll’s intent-based emails are tailored to each of our shoppers based on what they’ve done on our website. We’re getting great results and love how it complements the emails we’re already sending through Mailchimp.”

Enrico Casati,
founder and CEO, Velasca


$1 USD per click

You pay $1 USD for every person that clicks through to your website from a SendRoll email. Simple. See more on our Help Center.

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